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 Osmo Wood Wax Finish

Ideal for all use on interior wood (walls, ceilings, doors, floors, molding, edge-glued panels, cork, etc.). Especially recommended for furniture and children‘s toys.

Use as base coat/color stain - Top coat with 3054.


The wood surface receives a satin color finish and added durability.

  • Water-repellent and dirt-resistant, resistant to common household substances
  • Suitable as a wood stain for floors with a top-coat or two of Polyx-Oil
  • Available in 0.125, .375 and 0.75 L containers — also available in 2.5 liters for professionals with special order
  • Economical — 1 liters covers approx. 215 sq. ft with 2 coats

Transparent Colours:


3111 White


3164 Oak


3166 Walnut

 3123 Pine


3138 Mahogany


3143 Cognac


3161 Ebony


3137 Cherry



Also available by special order:

3128 Beech


3168 Oak Antique


3136 Birch


3151 Dove Blue


3156 Turkish Green


3127 Savanna



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What our customers are saying:

Wood flooring with Hardwax finish

---Thanks to a good customer of ours for this update on her wood floor with an OSMO hardwax finish, which was installed 10 years ago and has survived floods, puppies, and family life beautifully!

..It has been incredible! I am so glad that we went the route of solid wood & hard wax instead of laminate & plastic coating! ...

My flood was several inches deep all over our kitchen/livingroom. The basement ceiling had to have holes drilled into it in order to release the water that poured down from behind the kitchen cabinets. All my neighbours came over to help move outside all the furniture from both the main floor and the basement so that we could get rid of the water and dry the surfaces out. Everyone expressed condolences, feeling so sorry for me, everyone thinking that I would certainly lose my wood flooring. When the water was washed away and the floor dried with towels, we all stood back expecting to see the floor distort, buckle, split or otherwise come apart...and nothing happened! The entire expanse of wood floor looked completely untouched! It still matches 100% the identical wood flooring at the end of the hall and in the bedrooms where the water hadn't reached (when the water reached the air vents it flowed down them to the basement). You cannot see where the flood stopped and started!! There were those who warned that it might take a few weeks for the floor to start to buckle or rise - but a full year later, you still can't see any evidence of a flood, you would never know that there had been a flood in the house!

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