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Douglas fir with an original brown antique surface on the face and a freshly sawn surface on the back.  The antique surface is usually some shade of medium brown, usually rough, sometimes with circular saw marks (planed brown surfaces are sometimes available as well, if a smoother surface is required(.  The edges can be left as-is or the material can be edged to size. (Note that the corners of reclaimed wood are usually the first place you'll notice any damage from use, so often an unedged plank will have somewhat non-standard edges). 

This product is also available in t&g for panelling or flooring.




 Species Douglas fir
 Thickness ~ 1"
 Width Width with original antique brown patina vary depending on material.  Boards can be edged to size, but will have a freshly sawn surface colour on the edge.
 Length varies depending on material
 Molding none
 Surface antique brown patina







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