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This silver grey driftwood colour one of the most popular reclaimed wood features right now!

And everyone wants to know how they can get this colour in to their own projects.


This silver grey colour (like the colour of a piece of driftwood) is the beginning of the breakdown of the surface of the wood, caused by sunshine and wind and water. 


It is not a durable surface... without significant protection, it will wear off if it is used in a location like a floor or a desk.  It is fantastic as a feature wall or display:

"But wait", some will say, "I can put a durable wood finish on the surface and it won't matter if the grey colour is durable or not!".  However, this surface will change colour if it has a sealer or wood finish applied, from a silver grey to a dark slate grey.  It will be protected, but it won't look the same:

In the above photo, the top is the unfinished silver grey surface, and the bottom is the same wood with a clear oil based wood finish applied.


If you want a silver grey surface but it needs to be durable or it needs to have a finish applied, you can work with several different stains or wood finishes, but this is a creative project and everyone's version will be different.  There are many different ways to accomplish this, and many different finishes.  It is only limited by your imagination!  Some internet searches for driftwood, weathered, or silver grey wood finish techniques might be a good start.  And if anyone ever discovers a way to replicate that silver grey colour using a stain, it will be worth a fortune. 

The above photo shows a grey wash surface, which can have a similar effect from a distance.



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