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"Patina" refers to the change in texture and/or colour on the surface of wood as a result of age, wear, and exposure to natural elements, or damage.  Often when "reclaimed" wood is requested, the feature that is desired is this altered surface appearance that indicates age. 

For example:

- the surface of Douglas fir, when left inside a building for a long time, will turn brown, usually a warm, medium brown, but the colour can range anywhere from a barely perceptible light tan all the way through to a dark chocolate brown, depending on the environment.



- wood that is exposed to the elements (rain, sun, etc) will turn a silver grey colour over time.  On the west coast where there is significant moisture, this weathered colour is difficult to acquire without significant decay in the wood.  We work very hard to acquire silver grey wood from this area and elsewhere, when this colour is desired!



- when a timber is cut, saw marks are often left on the surface of the wood.  In wood cut subsequent to the introduction of the bandsaw (around 1930-1940) these are usually the straight marks of a bandsaw blade, but prior to that the curved marks of a circular saw blade may be present.  The majority of the wood on the coast was cut with a sawmill, but on some of the timbers used to build structures in the earlier half of the last century, the marks of an adze may indicate a hand-hewn beam. 





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