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We are asked often to send photos of the reclaimed wood we have. And while we do our best to get photos that are somewhat representative of the material that is here, photos can be deceiving as well.

Here are a few photos that illustrate this:

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These are all photos of the same board.  On the same day.  At the same time.  From different directions.  The lighting is different enough just from different angles that the wood looks dark brown in the first photo, greyish brown in the second photo, and light brown in the last photo!


Here's a photo that is another great example of the problem:


This is a photo of a stack of brown barnboard in our yard... fantastic material with a lovely rustic brown colour on both sides.  But in the photo, do you see the blue board at the bottom?  In real life it is the same colour as the brown board sticking out the top.  And also the same colour as the paler board sticking out the front.  And also about the same colour as the darker boards in the middle of the stack.  In fact, while the pile is a bit mixed in terms of colour variation, most of those boards should look quite similar. 

The moral of the story is: don't rely on photos for colour selection!  Stop by and have a look in person; we are always happy to show you around and help you find the right colours.


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