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Whitewash barnboard

This is a variation on our Barnboard with a Brown Antique Patina.  Available in a t&g panelling or in 1" planks, this will have an original antique surface patina with some paint remnants (which usually resembles a whitewashed surface, but can be other colours as well) on the face and a freshly sawn surface on the back for regularity.




Tongue & Groove Panelling:

 Species Douglas fir
 Thickness ~ 3/4"
 Width 3.25", 4", 6", or 8" face (tongue adds 1/4" to the total width)
 Length varies from 3'-10', less than 10% shorts
 Molding tongue & groove
 Surface antique patina with some paint residue




 Species Douglas fir
 Thickness ~ 1"
 Width Width with original antique brown patina vary depending on material.  Boards can be edged to size, but will have a freshly sawn surface colour on the edge.
 Length varies depending on material
 Molding none
 Surface antique patina with some paint residue



The painted surface creates a great whitewashed look:






preview   preview

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