Somass Hotel, 1912

The Somass Hotel, a historic building in Port Alberni, was deconstructed in 2014.


  • 1896 - the Armour Hotel built on trail which would eventually become Argyle St, closed the next year
  • 1898 Enlarged & reopened with new owners, renamed New Alberni Hotel, Cottage Annex (Later the Victor Cafe) added
  • 1902 renamed the Somass Hotel, rebuilt and new entrance added facing railway station
  • 1947 original wooden Somass building destroyed by fire
  • 1951 and 1957 renovated again
  • 2006 renamed The Rusty Anchor Inn
  • 2012 renovated and renamed the Somas Station Inn following a fire in one of the rooms
  • 2013 film location for the movie "Insomnia" directed by Christopher Nolan
  • 2013 sold to the Uchucklesaht Tribe, set for demolition since the costs for the renovations to make the building seismically safe and usable were too high.
  • 2014 deconstruction

There are a few great recaps of the history of the building:

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And click here for a fantastic online directory of historic images from the Alberni Valley Museum


 Building the Somass Annex, 1907


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