History of Our Wood

The Ross McLaren Sawmill was built on the Fraser River in what is now Coquitlam in 1890. However the mill was shut down in 1892 following the death of one of the founders, James McLaren. The mill and its timber rights were sold in 1903 to the Fraser River Sawmills Company, who took over the mill and had it back in production by 1905 as the largest mill in the Pacific Northwest.

The Strathcona Elementary School is undergoing a seismic upgrade! 

Strathcona School Renewal

As part of the overall project, some parts of the buildings were removed or replaced.

From aDB Engineering : 

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And from Green Demo:

Green Demo Recyles


Some lovely 3x15 timbers came out of this project:

And you can see some of the things our customers have done with this beautiful wood here:


The time has come for this building to come down:

http://www.cloverdalerodeo.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Boxing-Ring-1.jpgThe bleachers in the Alice McKay building were removed recently. The bleachers have been in the venue since 1952, but had to be removed due to safety concerns.  We have the wood from the bleachers in our yard now!

Somass Hotel, 1912

The Somass Hotel, a historic building in Port Alberni, was deconstructed in 2014.


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