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Keep reading below for updates from our yard!  

Please note:  This information is not comprehensive, and Items mentioned below may or may not still be available!  If you are looking for information about yard opening hours and yard closures, click here.

We are usually closed over the weekend of a statutory holiday! For a list of the statutory holidays in BC, Canada, click here.

Our yard will be closed on Saturday, Feb 10 to Monday, Feb 12 to celebrate Family Day!  Have a lovely time with your families, and we'll see you again when we reopen on Tuesday, Feb 13 at 8:30am.

The days are beginning to get longer, the weather nicer and today there are leaf buds forming on the trees! Looking forward to more beautiful weather.

It's snowing!!! It's a beautiful day for sledding, but not such a beautiful day to work in the yard.  We will be calling a snow day and sending the crew home today at noon.  Sledding at home will be great... sledding in the yard with heavy machinery and frozen wood... not so great!  We are hoping to be open tomorrow morning again, but give us a call to confirm if you're planning a visit!


More timbers arrive and move through the yard on a regular basis... from thebig beautiful timbers to the really rough looking wood.  Come have a look and find the wood you need!

Every year a mill fire: this year Imperial Cedar Products. Always a sobering reminder of the risk.

Explosions ring out as fire guts Maple Ridge cedar mill

We ARE right on the river after all.  So maybe we can take some unorthodox lunch breaks...

TJ and Bruce reeling in a decent sized sturgeon

TJ and Bruce reeling in a decent sized sturgeon. 

3x13 from the Fraser Arms Hotel in Vancouver... perfect for rustic stair treads, harvest tables, or decorative shelving...

I finally managed to get our little piece of River Road to appear on Google Maps!

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NOT the sort of thing you want to encounter with a sawblade...

We keep this in the office as a reminder to be very, very careful.

Every so often we get to deal with a really spectacular piece like this:

This is a 12 foot long piece of Douglas fir, 40 inches at one end tapering slightly to 30 inches at the other, destined to become a table top with a fantastic live edge.


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