This just in from the yard:  we have just completed milling a few thousand board feet of 8" wide flooring!  So for those of you looking for wider flooring, it is now available.  Contact us for more information.

 6" wide Cottage Grade Flooring: 

This is our most popular variety of reclaimed tongue and groove flooring.  It is cut from reclaimed Douglas fir gluelam beams, and contains the occasional small nail hole or gluelam line.  It is 3/4" thick and 6" wide on the face (6 1/4 with the tongue).  It is not end matched, and the lengths of each piece vary from 3' to 10'. 


Contact us for more information!













We just acquired a large quantity of good quality timber from a recent demolition:


When the wood first arrives at our mill site the surface usually looks fairly aged/weatherbeaten:


For our customers who want a fresh, clean finish, we can mill the wood to make it look new again, or we can leave the marks and signs of age for a more antique look.  In order to make best use of the wood, most of the wood we mill still has a few nail holes and some natural checking, which only adds to it's character:



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