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To truly make best use of building materials, the building has to be designed and built to be taken apart.   We all have responsibility... Designers, make reusable stuff. Consumers, buy reusable stuff. Processers, reuse the stuff.

So here's a few ideas for you:  Public Architecture has a Design for Reuse component, which you can access here:


And the Deconstruction Institute has a number of useful publications:

And there's also Cradle to Cradle:

  1. Do you know what is in your product, down to the molecule?
  2. Is your product designed to be safely recovered and reused, or to return to nature?
  3. Are you using renewable energy?
  4. How clean is the water coming out of the factory?
  5. Is the product made in a socially fair way?


Metro Vancouver published a guide to recycling and waste reduction in the construction industry... some useful information here on where to take and how to find salvaged building materials...


Solutions for Wood: lots of good info here for wood industry people - market research, reports on trends, etc.  Also some information for people who want to build with wood!

Raising Spaces... lots of useful information on building green, here.


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