Timber and recycling news and related info from around the internet:

A few useful notes about different types of wood and their uses, here:  Reclaimed Wood Species

The Ministry of Forests has put out a lovely little brochure outlining the benefits of using wood in regards to climate change : Tackle Climate Change: Use Wood.

A great resource!  The Wood Database has high quality scans of different sorts of wood, alongside information about the particular properties... check out the Periodic Table of Wood:

Never thought I'd be mentioning a theatre production on a website about timber.... but I saw this when I was downtown last week and can't resist....

Looks like the Firehall Arts Center is hosting Good Timber Aug 7-19, which looks to be great fun!

Good Timber

We've had a lot of people contacting us lately asking for wood for tables... for those of you looking to make your own, a quick internet search for "building with reclaimed wood" should help you find a few ideas:


Instructables has a few ideas: Reclaimed Wood Table

5min also has a video on making a coffee table: How to Make a Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

or this post: DIY: How To Make Your Own Reclaimed Wood Desk From Scrap


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