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Keep reading below for updates from our yard!  

Please note:  This information is not comprehensive, and Items mentioned below may or may not still be available!  If you are looking for information about yard opening hours and yard closures, click here.

We have a new sign on the side of the highway!!! Let me know if it helps to make our yard easier to find!

We have a shipment of reclaimed 1x red and white oak arriving in the yard next week... beautiful wood and already going fast!

This is how some of the really wide stuff gets cut: 


This piece created some pieces that were about 58" wide:


We have just introduced our website - please contact us and let us know what you think!

March 2012: Quick update:  The majority of this wood has been sold, but there are still some pieces available.  These are heavy, solid timbers with plenty of wear left in them.

100,000BF of 12x12 timbers just arrived in our yard from BC Place!!!

The mantels on display at the yard change frequently ... These are some lovely mantels in Douglas fir, finished with OSMO hardwax oil:

If you are looking for something specific, let us know!  We can custom-make one just for you.


October 2010:

Creosote treated wood - excellent condition:

  •  21,000BF of 6x16 beams, 13-16' long,
  • 4400BF of 12x14 beams, 5-8' long.

Click here for more pictures, Contact us for more information!



We are sold out of our new silver-surfaced barn board!  We are processing more, but it will be a little while before we replenish our inventory.  Stay tuned for updates....

In the meantime, we do still have plenty of t&g barnboard in a lovely, brown, aged surface.  The colours and textures vary, depending on the source, but it is perfect for developing a rustic or antique look.

 We have some mantels available at our yard;  and we can custom cut for your specifications, as well.  Contact us for details.

Available in 4", 6", and 8" wide, this unfinished flooring is cut from reclaimed Douglas fir gluelam beams.


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