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January 2011 

Beams, cut from logs used for log booms on the West Coast of British Columbia. 

Large, kiln dried timbers, 14x14 - 16x18.

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October 2010:

Creosote treated wood - excellent condition:

  •  21,000BF of 6x16 beams, 13-16' long,
  • 4400BF of 12x14 beams, 5-8' long.

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We just acquired a large quantity of good quality timber from a recent demolition:


When the wood first arrives at our mill site the surface usually looks fairly aged/weatherbeaten:


For our customers who want a fresh, clean finish, we can mill the wood to make it look new again, or we can leave the marks and signs of age for a more antique look.  In order to make best use of the wood, most of the wood we mill still has a few nail holes and some natural checking, which only adds to it's character:


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